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Welcome to the third of the four categories on the website.

Here are some contributions to the giant wheelbarrow of resources for those who have the responsibility of preparing church services and for anybody who is interested in new unfoldings of ancient prayers and songs and writings. For each title the introductions are free.

Day by Day gives the text for daily prayer throughout the year. It is slightly adapted from the book Out of the Silence...Into the Silence. (The book is available from bookshops or from the Canterbury Press, acting as distributor.)

Sunday Worship gives material for services, particularly the Holy Communion. There are two versions available for download - one has Kyries, Psalms, Canticles, Gospel Acclamations, and Collects; the other omits the Psalms and therefore costs less. This second version is published in the Canterbury Press, as a hardback edition retailing at £30 (also as an e-book). The title is “Unfolding the Living Word”. Each version also has appendices which give sample orders of service, two of them typical of the Church in Wales and the Church of England respectively, and a third experimental and ecumenical.

Prayer at Night is available in book form from the Canterbury Press with the title “Praying in the Dark Hours”. The version on this website is a recent and therefore new edition. If Cairns Publications has had a flagship over the years, this would be this title. There have been a number of editions, and it has sold 30,000 or so copies.

Also available separately are the Psalm Unfoldings, the Canticles, and the Collects gathered together.